The best catalogue of our products and services are the very references of the work carried out by IRSAM since 2005.

We are specialised in solving the industrial needs of machinery of our clients. This requires the personalisation of each machine and equipment to adapt it to the exact needs of each client; of each industry. There are no two companies exactly alike.
Each machine or equipment has peculiarities according to the needs of each client.

For this reason, instead of showing a closed catalogue of standard products, we prefer to show you the following examples and references of the machinery, equipment and work that we carry out for our clients.
These machines are real examples of the success of our daily efforts and work, and show what IRSAM is capable of doing. Consult us about your machinery needs. As you see, with IRSAM you are in good hands.

Linear oiling unit for cans

Autoclave sterilisation

Blanchers for cooking tuna

Carts and baskets for cooking or sterilisation

Sara-90 can sealer

Conveyor belts

Static sardine steamer

Cart depalletiser

Depalletiser of empty containers

Construction of metallic structures, tanks, etc.

Unit cartoner

Irpack cartoner

Can washer

Mollusc washer

Complete production lines

Manual packing table

Tuna cleaning table

Programming and process control